Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Smart water technology by Ajeevi

Smart water solutions for smart city are being considered today as the next campaign to makeover Indian cities to meet the challenge of future. The PM's idea of 100 smart cities in India is taking shape at grassroots levels.

Smart water is something which city assures to its people. This is clean water, supply and proper dissemination. Ajeevi at the fore of smart city solutions provides the technology solution of metered connection, 100% water leakage stoppage with 24x7 availability of pure water.

Ajeevi technologies, vision of a young entrepreneur,and was founded in 2012. Ajeevi pursues  mission of social & environmental reform, that will not only ease life of a common man but also saves natural resources that are getting consumed in day to day activities. Several studies conducted on the subject have suggested various ways to make planet greener and save natural resources for future generations. This mission will make the cities smarter, and ease the life of the citizens.

Smart water solutions enhance quality of life of citizens from undertaking technology based rapid and proper provision of utilities. These utilities are modern, save energy and offer correct data on market price, demand, supply conditions and optimization of city resources like water.

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